Tim was born in Dallas Texas  and raised in the Philippines . He attended Jackson College of Ministries . He married the love of his life, Melanie Forbush, on September 1st 1989 . Tim  served as a Music Pastor for 4  years and Senior Pastor for 10 years. He is a gifted communicator who’s ministry has touched many lives while traveling extensively around the nation.  In addition, Tim is also an accomplished Worship Leader. He has recorded One music project with another planned in 2015. He and Melanie have two Children , Dustin and Alexis. He likes to play golf , basketball and most every sport , though for the last few years he has not been able to play much. Loves music and loves to make people laugh.

Melanie is always complimented on her sense of style.  She keeps the family looking good.  She loves  to shop for great bargains, but it must have individuality. She loves the Olympics and loves to watch soccer.  Her deepest devotion is to her family.  What many people do not realize , is that Melanie is a very profound and gifted speaker…. she just likes to be in the background… but now the secret is out …..  so look out!

Dustin attended Bible College in Indiana.  He loves all kinds of sports.  Music is a big part of his life. Dustin has a deep burden to be a Missionary to Germany.  he has a  personality mix of his Mom and Dad fun loving but sometimes serious as a judge. His deep devotion to God is very unique for a young man his age, getting up early every morning for prayer and having time with God.Dustin and Janell were married in October 2015 and are involved with ministry at their local church.

Alexis is a fun loving spirited young lady.  Alexis loves to play games and pick at her big brother. She adores singing and worshipping the Lord. She has a deep passion for God . Whenever you see her she will put a smile on your face. Her sense of humor is unmatched she will have you laughing all the time.